Frequently Asked Questions About Donating to Hope Housing Foundation

When I donate a charitable gift to Hope Housing Foundation, how does my gift help?

Your donation to Hope Housing Foundation will help:

  • Build safe, quality and affordable housing for low-income families, seniors and people with special needs.
  • Deliver supportive services that provide residents with skills, resources and opportunities.
  • Revitalize struggling neighborhoods through quality affordable housing.

How is my gift spent?

Program Delivery
Administrative Costs
Fundraising Costs

We take the responsibility of your charitable donation very seriously. We ensure that 90 cents of every philanthropic dollar raised is available for its intended charitable purpose. Your nonprofit donation enables access to low-income housing assistance and programs and creates stable, vibrant and healthy communities.

Can I give my gift to a specific program or region?

Absolutely! Donating online? Select the “Designation” drop-down menu on the donation form for the location or region you would like to support.

Sending a check? Indicate in the memo section how you’d like to use your gift or include a letter outlining where and/or how you would like your gift used. If you are unsure how to designate a gift, please contact us at

How do I set up recurring monthly donations?

Setting up a monthly donation is an easy way to budget your support. It is simple to set up or change if you need to do so. You can set up recurring donations here.

How can I stop or change my recurring gift?

Please email, and we will help you make changes.

Can I include Hope Housing Foundation in my will or other estate plans?

Absolutely, we are honored that you would like to include Hope Housing Foundation in your estate plans. You can find out more information here about our Legacy Circle.

Do you accept stock gifts?

Yes, we do! You can find out more information here, including gifts of stock, mutual funds, and wire transfers.

I’d like to make a gift in honor of or in memory of someone, how do I do that?

Wonderful, you can make a tribute gift on our donation form. Check the box next to “This is a gift in honor, memory, or support of someone” and additional options will appear.

How can I get a tax receipt for my gift in-kind?

We do send physical tax receipts for all gifts in-kind. If you have questions, or haven’t received your receipt, please email

Where do I send a donation by check?

Checks should be mailed to Hope Housing Foundation, Attn: Philanthropy Department, 1600 Broadway, Suite 2000, Denver CO 80202

Can I give through a wire transfer?

Yes, we do! You can find out more about wire transfers here.

Can I use crowdfunding to raise money for Hope Housing Foundation?

Sure you can! You can set up your own fundraiser for Hope Housing Foundation through Paypal.


If you have additional questions, please reach out!

Send us an email