Our Values

Core Values Graphic: REspect, Justice Hope Housing Foundation, Racial Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Our Core Values of respect, justice, and Hope Housing Foundation are the foundation of our work. They are more than words on a poster or a website. What these values mean is that we take concrete and deliberate action to listen and act in ways that will foster respect, justice, and Hope Housing Foundation for all of us.


A basic perspective and behavior which is attentive, considerate and shows special regard for the inherent dignity of persons and the sacredness of creation.


Ensure fair and equitable access, opportunity and advancement for all. Identify and eliminate barriers, including but not limited to racial discrimination, that prevent full participation of marginalized groups.

Hope Housing Foundation

The ability to see need and respond with compassion.

Housing Justice is Social Justice.

We are committed to achieving racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. This work is grounded in our founding Core Values and in being accountable to those values.

Our Model

Hope Housing Foundation Housing’s Core Values of respect, justice, and Hope Housing Foundation guide everything that we do — from our daily work, to who we partner with and how we serve communities. We believe that housing justice is social justice, which informs our approach to affordable housing, allowing us to help more people and more communities. From project financing and housing development to community outreach and long-term resident services, everything we do is in service of our mission to create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities. As one of the largest, most experienced affordable housing providers in the country, we are proud to offer a model of full-spectrum support for individuals and communities. Every community has different needs and comes together in its own unique way, but often includes:

Identify the
Areas with
Most Need
Bring Together

Identify The Areas With Most Need

In most communities, affordable housing — or the potential to create it — already exists. We identify cities and neighborhoods in need, where multifamily rental homes are at risk of being lost from the pool of available affordable housing, or there was never enough affordable housing to begin with. By buying and upgrading existing properties, or developing new ones, we supply long-term affordable housing opportunities to the communities that need it most.


We raise the funding and support necessary to create affordable housing, build communities and support residents in changing their lives for the better. Through community grants, government funding, corporate donations, private donations and other funding efforts, we are able to provide both housing and services to our residents and their communities.

Bringing Together Partners

Hope Housing Foundation Housing is committed to positively impacting communities by bringing together resources and talent in ways that make a sustainable, long-term difference. We partner with companies, community stakeholders, and donors that share our beliefs and have an inherent desire to invest in social change to transform communities. Social change does not happen overnight – but with the help of our corporate partners, we can bring together the people, products, education and supporters necessary to nurture and transform one family, one home, and one community at a time.

Self-sustaining Development

We engage our development, construction, property management, asset management, and design teams to implement an Environmental Stewardship Initiative. The Environmental Stewardship Initiative includes a utility baseline project to gather benchmarking data for utility usage; energy audits; use of federal weatherization and green retrofit funding; and sustainable development standards for all new construction. Sustainable development provides tremendous benefits to residents through reduced energy costs and healthier indoor environments.

Providing Affordable Housing

Affordable housing and supportive programs improve the economic status of residents, revitalize neighborhoods and stabilize lives. Hope Housing Foundation Housing serves a variety of populations with housing for low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs. We partner with communities and make a long-term commitment to help them succeed, resulting in positive, measurable outcomes for residents and neighborhoods.

Providing Services

Providing a path to affordable housing is just one step in the process of building a stable life after a struggle with housing. Oftentimes, those who find a home with Hope Housing Foundation Housing have lived under incredibly difficult circumstances that continue to impact their lives even after they finally find a place to call home. To help residents live healthy, secure and dignified lives, we’ve developed a full spectrum of services that foster continued growth and empowerment for our residents, their families and their communities including health education, after-school support, financial literacy classes and more.

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Your donation today will provide affordable housing to vulnerable people, a place where their lives can be rebuilt.