Resident Services: Focus on Impact

Along with a home, residents need access to opportunities and resources, which is why Hope Housing Foundation stands behind our integrated model of providing affordable housing along with coordinated onsite services for four decades. We deepen our impact by addressing the social determinants of health, recognizing that the largest impact we can make is through the health of residents and housing success.

Health & Wellness

For residents to experience improved health, they must have access to food and health services.

What it looks like:

Increased food security

  • Residents feel food secure
  • Residents have access to food programs, including food banks, Meals on Wheels, SNAP, nutrition education, and cooking classes

Improved mental health

  • Residents feel like they are having more “good mental health days” in a month
  • Residents feel less lonely in their communities

Housing Success

Housing success refers to residents feeling stable in their homes. This results in residents experiencing less housing insecurity.

What it looks like:

  • Seniors are able to age in place with dignity in a socially supportive community.
  • Families achieve stability and mobility with more positive, and fewer negative, move-outs.
  • Formerly unhoused residents receive the support they need until they are ready to move out.

Providing Access to Opportunity

We continue to provide additional critical programming and activities that foster community engagement, improve financial wellbeing, and engage in youth development from early childhood through high school. These programs are evidence-based interventions and are implemented at the local regional levels.

The Focus The Goal
"" Improve Health Outcomes
  • Provide onsite preventative health services
  • Support residents in accessing health benefits
  • Maintain onsite food pantries
"" Residents have better health overall, including increased food security and more access to health care, including primary care and annual checkups
"" Promote Housing Stability
  • Provide coaching and mentoring
  • Help access emergency financial assistance
  • Facilitate access to state and federal benefits
"" Residents are able to solve problems and make connections by partnering with staff and neighbors
"" Expand Community Engagement
  • Strengthen collaboration through resident-led programs
  • Neighborhood volunteer opportunities to give back
  • Provide voter education and encourage participation
"" Residents are able to solve problems and make connections by partnering with staff and neighbors
Support Youth Development
  • Implement educational after-school programs
  • Provide summer programs for kids
  • Bridge the gap between school systems and families
"" Children have more access to educational support, and greater success in post-high school careers and education
"" Strengthen Financial Well-being
  • Provide financial education and counseling
  • Assist with employment searches
  • Help with building a positive credit rating
"" Residents are able to increase their assets and improve their credit standing

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How We Measure the Impact on Residents

Hope Housing Foundation has a rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan that assesses the impact of our programming. Using a variety of tools such as surveys, resident assessments, as well as community-level data, we use this information and to improve and refine our programs.

The Future of Resident Services

Currently, Resident Services are available at approximately all properties, ensuring residents can access the support and assistance provided by Hope Housing Foundation. Our objective is to extend these services to every community within the Hope Housing Foundation network.

Hope Housing Foundation prioritizes the adoption of best practices in delivering Resident Services, evaluating programs, and developing program models. These practices are informed by rigorous program evaluations, expert insights, and practical experience, focusing on evidence-based approaches known for their effectiveness. Our practices undergo annual review to ensure they align with the most efficient methods suited to the specific population and context.

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